Mehron theatrical makeup

Mehron theatrical makeup is a complete line of professional theatrical makeup that is very popular throughout North America and the world. The company was founded by Mehron Melik in 1927, in the heart of the New York theatre district. Mehron represents an artisanal approach to creating quality cosmetics that are high-impact and versatile. Mehron's beauty products included in the kits of artists working on fashion shows, theatrical productions, movies, special effects and most importantly, in real life with variety of colors and coverage needs. Performers are brand fans as are prominent beauty industry professionals calls Mehron's products "beautiful, colorful and easy to use." These products have been used in some of the most dramatic and visual productions including Black Swan, Shrek the Musical, The Lion King, New York City Ballet and Phantom of the Opera. Mehron makes products specifically for commercial theatrical, educational, motion picture, television, video, opera, clown, Halloween, and face-painting markets.

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